The Combine
Holiday Intensive program

The Combine is a 5-hour session designed and curated by professional Coaches and High-Performance managers to create an elite environment to help you prepare for your future in AFL. Prepare to be motivated, tested athletically, and pushed to your limits in an elite environment that you have never experienced before, all with the goal of helping you understand what you need to do to make it at the professional level.
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A Specialised Approach
to Girls Footy.

It is no longer just a dream for boys to play AFL but now it can be a dream for every young girl. With the beginning of the AFL Women’s season in 2017, we believe it’s time to provide the younger generation of female footballers the opportunity to develop their own game in an elite environment. Girls Footy Australia is dedicated in creating a learning experience and environment that changes the way girls can develop and improve their football. We are passionate about providing each girl with the same opportunity as the boys, through a specific program for girls with just girls that will target improving the fundamentals of AFL.


Great Skills Make Great Players

Girls footy Australia understand that most girls haven’t had access to elite and experienced coaches who   understand that boys and girls learn differently.  Therefore, we are committed to running programs that are structured specifically to the development of girls. From week to week the sessions will gradually build on the fundamentals of AFL to ensure each girl has developed the specific skills crucial to the game.


We Live and Breathe It.

We all start playing football because we had fallen in love with the game as it is fun and exciting. We know that the more fun and engaging training sessions are the more effort and energy you will put in and thus achieve a better performance. At Girls Footy Australia we make it our goal to ensure each training session is filled with fun and excitement as well as being competitive and educational so that every girl develops their football ability to its highest level.