This is Our Why

Girls Footy Australia was co founder by Melbourne Football Club player Katherine Smith to further develop and educate talented young female footballers. We are passionate about helping young aspiring female footballer on their journey to success. With access to great facilities, specialised training programs and high-level coaching in an elite environment, we believe that full potential can be achieved. Here at Girls Footy Australia we put an emphasis on perfecting the fundamentals of football; kicking and handballing techniques, decision making, contested ball work, tackling and spoiling. These skills will be further matured while implemented in game like scenarios. We believe that an environment that is fun and judgement free, yet competitive will allow for the most progress. While developing an on-field skill set, we intend to educate each athlete in the best pre-habitation and warm up and warm down protocol and run athletic testing to help them understand the demands of the sport at the elite level. 



Bridie Windbanks
Oakliegh Chargers TAC

"The experience as a whole was a very unique approach to girls football with guest speaker combined, the fitness testing and the drill to develop skills created a very upbeat and enjoyable atmosphere. The guest speaker Chyloe Kurdas, really helped to further the experience by not just focusing on physical aspects of the sport but also the mindset needed to enhance how I play football. The organiser of the event who is a personal idol of mine made the experience much more engaging as she had helped to promote women's football which really encouraged me to play as well and inspired to me to get to the level she is at today. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at the opening of the 'The Combined' for girls football Australia and would highly recommend this program to any young girl striving to be as successful in football as Katherine Smith or even if they just love the game"


Charlotte van der Villes
Blackburn Football Club 

"Girls Footy Australia has made such a great impact on how I play my game today. I have not only improved my skills immensely but I have also learnt some really good strategies and techniques. We all also learnt about injury prevention and how to have a positive mindset by not putting myself down during games and trainings. These programs have made me become a better player and has also made me love the sport even more. Every program or session I've been to has been very informative and helpful but I have also had a lot of fun during them too."


Sarah Hartwig
Sandringham Dragons TAC

"I have attended two Combine courses and really enjoyed it both times. The coaches were really knowledgeable and explanations were clear and easy to understand. We learnt game sense drills and tactics such as body positioning, kicking in front and competitive ground balls. I also found the fitness testing helped me understand where I am at compared to the best women's AFL players. I would recommend the Combine to anyone looking to gain skills and a greater knowledge of the game"