The Combine

At Girls Footy Australia, we believe that it is crucial to provide athletes with elite level coaching while they are still learning, to give them the greatest chance of making it at the professional level. This is why we created The Combine.


The Combine is a 5-hour session designed and curated by professional Coaches and High-Performance managers to create an elite environment to help you prepare for your future in AFL. Prepare to be motivated, tested athletically, and pushed to your limits in an elite environment that you have never experienced before, all with the goal of helping you understand what you need to do to make it at the professional level.


Motivation and Goal Setting

Begin the session with an interactive motivational talk from one of our inspiring Life coaches and learn how to set goals, manage and overcome negative self talk, create intrinsic motivation and more.


AFL Standardised Athletic Testing

We have partnered with Base Sports Group to provide AFL standardised Athletic Testing for all our athletes. This not only helps our athletes track their physical performance, but also helps them feel comfortable with these tests, so when the time comes where they are doing it to pre-draft, they will know exactly what to do and be ready to smash their PB.

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Elite Level Skill Development

Led by AFLW Player and Coach Katherine Smith, athletes who attend The Combine will be put through 3 hours of Elite skill development, learning advanced ball skills and body awareness manoeuvres to help them make effective plays with the footy and reduce the risk of injury.



Friday 6th of April 2018
10:00am - 3:00pm @ Kingswood College, Box Hill South
Only 30 spots available. Join Now!  $125.00 (GST included) Free T-shirt Included
Only 30 Spots Available


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